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What Drinks are Best for Hangovers?


Have you ever found yourself googling “what drinks are best for hangovers” after a night out filled with fun and, inevitably, too much alcohol?

You’re not alone.

Hangovers are a common aftereffect of drinking alcohol, leaving many in search of elusive hangover cures and remedies to alleviate hangover symptoms. The effects of a hangover can range from mild discomfort to severe hangovers, impacting our health, productivity, and well-being. While avoiding drinking alcohol altogether is the surefire way to prevent these symptoms, it’s not always the chosen route.

In this article, we’ll explore how certain alcoholic beverages might lead to less severe hangovers and discuss how smart choices in what we drink can significantly reduce hangover symptoms.

We will do our best to help you understand alcohol metabolism, how excessive alcohol consumption affects our bodies, and how to make informed choices about consuming alcohol. From the dehydration that alcohol depletes in our system, affecting our blood pressure and blood sugar levels, to the impact on our dietary nutrient intake, every aspect of alcohol consumption can contribute to the severity of hangover symptoms. But not all drinks are created equal when it comes to their hangover potential.

Let’s dive into the science of hangovers, how certain drinks can either ease hangover symptoms or make your hangover worse, and what hangover drinks you might want to consider next time you’re enjoying a night out.

Drink Choices and Their Effects

Vodka & Tonic

Choosing vodka & tonic as your drink of choice might be beneficial for those looking to ease hangover symptoms. Vodka is known for being one of the cleanest spirits, with a low amount of congeners, which are chemical byproducts of alcohol fermentation thought to contribute to hangover severity. Tonic water, although it contains sugar, offers a mild hydration benefit due to its water content. It’s important to consume this drink in moderation and to pair it with additional water to counteract the dehydrating effects of alcohol. The simplicity of vodka & tonic, without heavy mixers or high sugar content, can help minimise the risk of severe hangovers.

Gin & Tonic

Gin & tonic is another excellent choice for minimising hangover effects, primarily due to gin’s composition and the presence of botanicals, which can aid digestion and offer a refreshing taste. Like vodka, gin is a clear spirit, generally associated with fewer congeners. The tonic’s quinine adds a unique flavour and, when consumed in moderation, can contribute to a less severe hangover. However, the key to enjoying gin & tonic without a harsh next-day reality is moderation and hydration. Interspersing gin & tonics with glasses of water can help maintain hydration levels, mitigating some of the dehydration that exacerbates hangover symptoms.

Light Beers

Light beers have a lower alcohol content compared to regular beers, which means that you can enjoy a few drinks over a longer period without significantly increasing your risk of severe hangovers. The key with light beers, as with any alcoholic beverage, is pacing yourself and staying hydrated. Drinking water between beers can help offset the diuretic effect of alcohol, helping to prevent dehydration, one of the primary culprits behind hangover symptoms. Additionally, because light beers have fewer calories and alcohol, they’re less likely to contribute to excessive alcohol consumption, which can lead to more severe hangovers. Choosing light beers also means you’re less likely to experience drastic impacts on your blood sugar levels, a common issue with heavier alcoholic drinks.

White Wine

White wine is often considered a better option for those looking to avoid severe hangovers, primarily due to its typically lower tannin content compared to red wines. Tannins, found in higher concentrations in red wines, are associated with increasing hangover severity. However, it’s important to choose dry white wines over sweeter varieties to avoid the exacerbating effects of high sugar content on hangover symptoms. White wine’s acidity can sometimes contribute to an upset stomach, so consuming food alongside your drink can help buffer these effects and maintain a more stable blood sugar level.

Tequila (100% Agave)

Tequila made from 100% agave is often touted for its hangover-friendly properties. Unlike mixtos, which can contain added sugars and other additives, pure agave tequila is distilled from the agave plant alone, leading to a cleaner beverage. The absence of added sugars and lower congener content in 100% agave tequila can make for less severe hangovers when enjoyed in moderation. However, the key to leveraging the potential hangover-reducing benefits of tequila is to drink it straight or with minimal, low-sugar mixers. Adding a splash of lime and a pinch of salt can enhance the flavour without significantly increasing the risk of hangover symptoms. Staying hydrated and drinking water alongside your tequila shots or cocktails can help mitigate the dehydrating effects of alcohol, making for a more enjoyable morning after.

Hydration and Nutrition

While choosing the right alcoholic drinks can help manage hangover severity, it’s equally important to focus on hydration and nutrition. Alcohol dehydrates the body, and replenishing lost fluids is crucial for hangover recovery. Drinking plain water or hydrating beverages like coconut water, which contains natural sugars and electrolytes, can help the body process alcohol more efficiently and relieve hangover symptoms.

Incorporating foods and drinks that support blood sugar levels and provide essential nutrients can also play a significant role in alleviating hangover symptoms. Foods rich in B vitamins, natural sugars, and minerals can help restore the body’s balance. Ginger tea or ginger and lemon juice can soothe an upset stomach, while honey chrysanthemum tea can provide a gentle boost to blood sugar levels without overwhelming the body with too much sugar.

Understanding the balance between alcoholic drinks, hydration, and nutrition is key to navigating the complexities of hangover management. While no drink can claim to be the ultimate hangover cure, making informed choices about alcohol consumption, prioritising hydration, and supporting the body with nutritious foods can collectively alleviate many hangover symptoms, leading to a more bearable morning after.

Smart Strategies for Mitigating Hangover Symptoms

Even with careful selection of alcoholic beverages, hangovers can still occur, especially with excessive drinking. To further reduce the possibility of experiencing severe symptoms of a hangover, incorporating smart drinking habits and aftercare is crucial. These strategies not only complement smart drink choices but also offer a holistic approach to enjoying alcohol responsibly and with minimal aftermath.

Strategic Drinking Habits

Avoid Drinking Alcohol on an Empty Stomach: Consuming alcohol on an empty stomach can accelerate the absorption rate of alcohol into the bloodstream, leading to higher blood alcohol levels and more severe hangover symptoms. Eating a substantial meal before drinking can slow alcohol absorption and provide a protective layer for your stomach lining.

Pace Your Drinking: Drink alcoholic drinks slowly to give your body time to metabolise alcohol efficiently. This helps prevent low blood sugar, a common issue that exacerbates hangover symptoms like fatigue and headaches.

Hydrate with Sports Drinks: Alternating alcoholic beverages with sports drinks can help replenish electrolytes lost during alcohol consumption. Sports drinks can be particularly effective in preventing dehydration and balancing electrolytes, which are crucial for avoiding hangover symptoms.

After-Drinking Care

Rehydration is Key: Before heading to bed, drink plenty of fluids – water, sports drinks, or even electrolyte-rich drinks – to combat dehydration, one of the primary causes of hangover symptoms. This is especially important if you’ve been involved in excessive drinking, as your body needs to recover the fluids and electrolytes it has lost.

Supplement with Nutrients: Alcohol depletes essential nutrients, so taking supplements like B vitamins and magnesium before sleeping can support the body’s metabolic processes and help alleviate symptoms of a hangover.

Morning After Recovery

Address Low Blood Sugar: A balanced breakfast can help stabilise blood sugar levels. Foods rich in complex carbohydrates, proteins, and healthy fats provide the energy and nutrients needed to combat low blood sugar and aid in recovery from a night of drinking.

Engage in Gentle Activity: Light exercise can stimulate endorphin release, improving your mood and energy levels, even if you’re dealing with symptoms of a hangover. This doesn’t mean engaging in intense workouts but rather gentle movements that help your body recover.

Discovering Hangover Relief with Survivor

So, we’ve learnt that in order to prevent hangover – moderation, hydration, and nutrition are key. Yet, even with these measures, hangovers can still make an unwelcome appearance. This is where Survivor steps in as an innovative solution, offering targeted support against the effects of alcohol consumption.

Survivor is a revolutionary food supplement designed to tackle hangover symptoms head-on. It works by enhancing the body’s ability to process alcohol, replenish lost nutrients, and combat the toxicity that leads to hangovers. With Survivor, you have a scientifically formulated ally to help your body recover more efficiently after drinking.

Combining Survivor with the strategies outlined for responsible drinking offers a holistic approach to enjoying alcoholic beverages without the dreaded next-day consequences. Survivor stands as a testament to the possibility of enjoying social events with alcohol, armed with the knowledge and tools to minimise hangover discomfort.

In essence, while preventive measures are the foundation of hangover management, Survivor provides a reliable backup plan.

It’s an investment in your wellbeing, ensuring that your enjoyment of the moment doesn’t come at the expense of tomorrow’s productivity and health. With Survivor, embrace the confidence of knowing you’re supported in your recovery, ready to face the day ahead with vigour.


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