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The Survivor Party Pack

4.8/5 on Trustpilot (349 opinions)

A Survivor Party Pack contains 10x sachets of Survivor, with 4 capsules in each sachet – a total of 40 capsules. The Survivor Party Pack is the perfect addition for your next celebration, company function or festival excursion. Our foil sachets are waterproof, fit snugly in pocket or bag and can easily be shared between friends.

What should you expect?

The benefits of SURVIVOR

There is no denying that alcohol is harmful to your health. Survivor is here to help.

Reduces Inflammation.

Survivor accelerates the breakdown of alcohol’s first metabolite, acetaldehyde, an inflammatory substance forty times more toxic than alcohol itself.

Supports Brain Function.

Studies suggest that vine tea extract moderates alcohol’s impact on key brain receptors, while L-Theanine works wonders for mood.

Supports Immune System.

A boozy night out can overwhelm your defences - Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, and Copper contribute to the normal function of the immune system.

Maintains Energy.

A night out can leave you dead on your feet - Magnesium, Copper, Iodine, and Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, B12 contribute to normal energy-yielding metabolism.

Improves Sleep Quality.

Alcohol affects the quality of your sleep through a process called the glutamate rebound effect - Magnesium, L-Theanine, and L-Taurine work to counteract this.

Boosts Liver Function.

Alcohol takes its toll on your liver - Survivor contains the B Vitamin complex and Vitamin C - which can be depleted when drinking alcohol.


How to use Survivor

Survivor is designed to be taken both whilst you drink, and before you go to sleep – helping replace the nutrients lost as a side effect to drinking alcohol, and to deliver those all important ingredients at the point they are able to make the greatest impact.


How to use Survivor

Survivor is your perfect pocket companion for a night out, event or a regular trip down the pub. Just take two capsules after four drinks, and then another two before you go to bed.


When to take Survivor

Make sure you take Survivor during and after drinking. It is designed to actively work to reduce the effects of drinking as the alcohol moves through the bodies internal systems.


General advice

In general, hangovers are usually less severe when you don’t mix drinks. Try to stay on one type of alcohol to support the effect of any hangover remedy.



Developed with leading experts, our unique formulation combines Dihydromyricetin (DHM) and Purariae lobata Flos extract plus a targeted blend of natural extracts, electrolytes, vitamins and minerals.

Developed by a world-leading group of scientists

Simon Williams

Food Scientist and Director, Nutraceuticals Group Europe

Simon is a director of one of Europe’s largest nutraceutical suppliers and has well as over twenty years’ formulation expertise as a food and nutritional scientist.

Prof. Dr. med. et Mag. Gertrude Kubiena

Ex-Red Cross Vice President

Through Dr. Kubiena's experience as the foremost authority for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in Austria, she placed vine tea extract and the Pueraria flower at the core of Survivor’s formulation.

Dr. Axel Polack

General Partner, JPIF, Biomedical Research

Dr. Polack brings experience in pharmaceutical drug development, coupled with strategic and operational management of businesses to the Survivor team.



4.8/5 on Trustpilot (349 opinions)

I used to suffer terrible hangovers , I’d be in bed the whole day after a night out (curtains closed , the shakes etc) Survivor tablets have saved me !!! When I know I’ve got a big night out I’ll order the tablets and don’t get that pre hangover anxiety. They really do work!

- Lu, London

Survivor is brilliant! I've been taking this over the last two months and absolutely love it. It is my go-to supplement, especially during lockdown when I'm inundated with work and in need of a few glasses of wine with my flatmates. It's on my buying list every month now.

- Kaya, London

These really work and have given me days of my life back on several occasions now! Have recommended to others who have also used them successfully. Well worth the investment in your own productivity.They really do work!

- Martin, Manchester

I have been using Survivor since 2019, and I honestly cannot recommend this product enough. Waking up after a heavy night of drinking hangover free, and being able to go about my regular day has transformed my weekends.You won't be disappointed.

- Harrison, Dubai

I am not the heaviest drinker but I get horrible hangovers and this has really changed my partying. You just have to get used to taking them at the right point.

- AW, London

I have been buying these tablets since 2019. They absolutely work, reducing my middle aged hangover to nothing, when before it may take a whole day to recover from a late night get together!

- Mr. Brown, Birmingham

All in all I can only recommend you give these a go yourself , im just about to hit 40 and hangovers are taking longer to go these days so if you are anything like me you will be very pleased with the results taking these will have on your life .

- Sam, London

The more drinks you consume, the more pills you need - simple as that. Once I found the right dos is for me I can now have a productive day following a mad one in the club. Zürich, 2020

- Bernhard, Zurich

Sounds like hyperbole, but these pills really have changed my life. I've always been known for my spectacularly bad hangovers - I'd spend the next day barely functional, my stomach feeling like it had been poisoned.

- VanityFair, London

My friend gave me a pack of these to try a few months ago and they are great! They are so easy and the next morning I'm waking up feeling pretty good.100% recommend.

- Georgia, Cardiff

I am happy with the product. While it's probably subjective, I do feel like it works well for me, even though I don't always take the dose it says. (I only imagine I might be feeling incredible if I did)

- A.J, Brighton

This does really work. I feel hung over pretty easily these days, so even if I have just a few drinks, I'm likely to feel a bit crappy the next day. When taking Survivor, I have really felt fine the next morning after a night of drinking that I know I otherwise would have felt the day after.

- David, Bristol

In The Press


Your questions, answered. We know that there are a lot of supposed drinking ailments out there. We are here to give a real, tested solution.

What is Survivor?

Survivor is a dietary supplement containing a unique formulation designed specifically to target and support metabolic functions affected by alcohol consumption.

If the authority of an ex-Vice President of the Red Cross, a senior food scientist, and a pharmacologist – on top of extensive academic literature on the individual ingredients – fail to convince you…we are going the extra mile to prove it. We are so confident that we are undergoing pilot clinical trials early next year to let the data speak for itself – sign up to our newsletter to receive updates about our upcoming crowdfunding campaign!

Our formulation is designed to be consumed when drinking alcohol and contains a blend of nutrients focussed on supporting a number of hepatic, cognitive and metabolic functions which can be affected or impaired through elevated blood alcohol levels.

In addition to an extensive blend of natural extracts, electrolytes, vitamins, minerals, Survivor contains two revolutionary ingredients focussed on elevating the body’s response to alcohol consumption: dihydromyricetin (DHM) and a 10:1 extract of Pueraria lobata flos (not to be confused with the more commonly known Pueraria lobata radix – the root of the plant used as a treatment for alcoholics through aversion therapy).

The science behind Survivor originates from a team of medical, nutritional and pharmacological experts, including Prof. Dr. med et Mag. phil Gertrude Kubiena, ex Vice President of the Red Cross, who states:

“Dihydromyricetin (also known as Ampelopsin) from Ampelopsis grossedentata alongside Pueraria lobata flos have individually been powerful ingredients in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Now they are coming to the attention of Western medicine.

Extracted to great purity and combined in Survivor, this fascinating combination targets the mechanisms which break down the inflammatory toxin acetaldehyde, the first metabolite of alcohol.

Whilst drinking, take 2 capsules for every four alcoholic beverages, and two before bed.

The next day is too late as the damage has been done.

A very good question. The reason we are so vague is because the experience is uniquely subjective. Each person reacts to alcohol differently, and has different levels of tolerance. As such setting a single dosage is difficult, and this is our best approximation.
Additionally, a large number of people don’t know what a unit of alcohol really is, and as such, we say ‘drinks’, however units is what we were going for. We would suggest following the guidelines, and then when you get used to the effects, you can tailor them according to your needs.

The risks come from erroneous assumptions made when taking Survivor:

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