About Survivor

Survivor may herald an entirely new approach to alcohol consumption - a revolutionary nutritional supplement formulation designed specifically to be taken when consuming alcohol. Survivor aims to restore productivity the day after drinking with a long term goal to mitigate some of the harmful effects of alcohol consumption.
Survivor is a game-changing food supplement designed to reduce alcohol’s negative impact on health and productivity. Guided by a former ex-Vice President of the Red Cross, Survivor was founded by Rocket Internet alumni Laurence Cardwell and marketing professional Richard Tidman. The science behind Survivor originates from the mind of Prof. Dr. Gertrude Kubiena, ex Vice President of the Red Cross, with a formulation developed by food scientist Simon Williams, director of one of Europes leading nutraceutical suppliers.
Time lost per year to hangovers
Some worrying statistics put things into perspective:
The average Brit loses a shocking 24 days of productivity per year, due to the effects of alcohol consumption. That equates to over 4 years in the average lifespan. This negative effect on productivity can be difficult to accept in a world where social and professional lives often collide.
However, even beyond loss of productivity, there’s a far larger spectre looming:
Say goodbye to the idea that a glass of wine is ‘healthy’ for you, and hello to the ultimate killjoy - the Global Burden of Disease Study of 2016. This global study assessed alcohol-related health outcomes between 1990-2016 across 195 countries. Their conclusion: no amount of alcohol is safe.
The Lancet - The Global Burden of Disease Study 2016
Which is why we created Survivor
Survivor is not a hangover cure, it is a nutritional supplement designed to reduce the likelihood of one occurring, as well as offering greater protection to health for those that choose to consume alcohol. Survivor is available for purchase by the pack or via a monthly subscription.
Guided by an ex-Vice President of the Red Cross
Survivor is designed to be taken both whilst you drink, and before you go to sleep - helping replace the nutrients lost as a side effect to drinking alcohol, and to deliver those all important ingredients at the point they are able to make the greatest impact.
Survivor 10 Capsule Pack
Formulated by one of Europe's Leading Nutraceutical Manufacturers
Our unique formulation contributes to normal cognitive function, reduction in tiredness and fatigue, normal functioning of the nervous system, protection of cells from oxidative stress, normal energy yielding metabolism and normal psychological function.

The Team

Laurence Cardwell, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

An Englishman born in Austria and raised in Costa Rica, Laurence graduated from St Andrews University, Scotland, with a First in History and Management, also spending time in the British Army and featuring in assorted television programmes, including BBC3’s ‘World’s Toughest Jobs’ and briefly on a BBC2 reality show on Victorian slums. His professional life is equally colourful: Laurence worked at the International Chamber of Commerce, co-founded a luxury real estate brand in Spain, worked at the Vatican, taught Critical Thinking at Dulwich College, launched a crêperie, and finally worked with the operational venture capital fund and startup incubator, Rocket Internet, as a business development manager.

Richard Tidman, Co-founder and Chief Marketing & Technology Officer

Richard heads up brand, acquisition and retention marketing for Survivor and brings 25 years of experience developing marketing and advertising solutions to the team. Career highlights have seen Richard play an instrumental role in developing strategy and executing campaigns for many of the worlds leading FMCG, technology and e-commerce brands. Richard has also worked with a number of startup and growth companies, helping them establish their brand and marketing operations, undertake ambitious digital transformation initiatives and adopt emerging technologies to further their commercial impact.

Our Professional Advisors

Simon Williams, Food Scientist and Director, Nutraceuticals Group Europe

Simon is a director of one of Europe’s largest nutraceutical suppliers and has well as over twenty years’ formulation expertise as a food and nutritional scientist. While Prof. Dr. Kubiena provided Survivor with its three key ingredients, Simon Williams used his scientific formulation experience and leveraged his position in Nutraceuticals Group Europe to guide the full formulation of Survivor, source the highest-quality ingredients, and combine them using the latest formulation technology.

Prof. Dr. med. et Mag. phil. Gertrude Kubiena, Ex-Red Cross Vice President

Across a fascinating career which saw her as a high-ranking politician, Prof. Dr. Kubiena was a former Vice President of the Red Cross, author of 20+ books, Austrian Civic Cross recipient, and now a Director at Survivor - through her experience as the foremost authority for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in Austria, she placed Vine Tea Extract and the Pueraria flower at the core of Survivor’s formulation.

Dr. Axel Polack, General Partner, Joint Polish Investment Fund, Biomedical Research

With a background in molecular and translational medicine, Dr Polack has followed a three-phase career path, with notable achievements in venture capital specialising in the life sciences, alongside business management, and biomedical research. He is currently General Partner at the Joint Polish Investment Fund, a life-science oriented early-stage venture capital fund. His broad experience in the pharmaceutical drug development process, coupled with strategic and operational management of businesses are crucial to Survivor as we seek to formalise our scientific credentials, cement our proprietary intellectual property, and navigate a complex regulatory environment.

As Featured In:

The Survivor Ten Capsule Pack

Contains ten Survivor capsules in a convenient pocket sized pack. Perfect for your next night out.

The Survivor Party Pack

Contains ten sachets of four Survivor capsules. The perfect addition for your next celebration.

The Survivor Subscription

Receive a monthly supply of one to five Ten Capsule Packs by signing up to a Survivor Subscription.