A field trip to the PX+ Festival…

PX Festival 2019


The hospitality industry is a complex animal, and to better understand how Survivor can take a place in the many bars and restaurants across the industry, we travelled to Duchess Farms in the UK to attend the second PX+ Festival.

PX+ is a hospitality industry focussed festival, running over the course of the weekend – from Saturday to Monday – with a long list of over 200 headliners, with Survivor included. 

We set up shop next to the bar, and a parade of people passed the Survivor stand, many of them peering at the product with suspicion. The highlight was seeing many of these sceptics come back the following day, on Sunday, with a renewed outlook: for instance, French sommelière Solène, who had hesitantly accepted a sample the previous day, came charging back to the stand on Sunday exclaiming ‘it works!’ with a broad grin. 

We certainly chose the right event – between stunning wines, craft beers, and even a vodka brand made out of milk, booze was ubiquitous. This is an industry that works in and around alcohol – from bars, restaurants, hotels, to wineries, breweries, and so forth. They have the luck to taste and experience the best and finest drinks that the world has to offer, as a condition of their job – however, this can take its toll over time, given that there is no safe level of alcohol consumption (GBD Metastudy, 2016). Juggling late hours, tasting sessions, demanding customers, and a family life is no walk in the park, and as such, Survivor fits in as a tool to help balance these demands.

An all-round success of a weekend, it was a great way for the hospitality industry to host itself and relax. Between the rich tapestry of foodies, sommeliers, hotel managers, amazing cocktails, clarified Bloody Marys, craft beers, and so forth, it was valuable to see in person how Survivor could play into the daily lives of an industry that for better or for worse is surrounded by alcohol as a fact.

We’ll be there next year, in full force – and not only for the amazing nibbles!

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