A World First in Alcohol Health.

A supplement formulation aimed at reducing the harmful effects of alcohol consumption.
A Revolutionary Product, Backed by Professionals.
Guided by an ex-Vice President of the Red Cross and a leading European nutraceutical supplier, Survivor supports your body’s natural ability to break down the inflammatory toxins associated with alcohol consumption. Our formulation combines Dihydromyricetin (DHM) and a targeted blend of natural extracts, electrolytes, vitamins and minerals which support normal hepatic, cognitive and metabolic functions which can be affected or impaired through elevated blood alcohol levels. Survivor is food safe, allergen free, vegetarian and vegan friendly and quality tested by two European laboratories.
Survivor 10 Capsule Pack
Aiming to reduce harm to health and productivity.
The average person in the UK loses a shocking 24 days of peak productivity per year due to the effects of alcohol consumption. Survivor was created to help mitigate this costly and unhealthy impact.
In a culture unlikely to turn its back on booze.
Alcohol is deeply rooted in much of western society, we're unlikely to change that any time soon. Enter Survivor, a nutritional supplement formulated specifically to be taken when consuming alcohol.
Survivor 10 Capsule Pack
Evening Standard
'Is This The Miracle That Could Help You Survive A Hangover? It Was A Real Tonic For Me.'
'We Can Confirm, We Felt Significantly Less Like Death And More Awake Than Usual The Morning After.'
News Medical Life Sciences
“[Survivor works by]...effectively short-circuiting some of the damage caused by alcohol as part of a holistic long-term approach to health.”
“Survivor may herald an entirely new approach to more responsible alcohol consumption…”
Business Insider